Roseanne producers awaiting spin-off decision

Roseanne producers have made their best pitch to ABC for a spin-off built around Sara Gilbert’s character Darlene.

Executive producers Tom Werner and Bruce Helford met on Monday with ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey, who also axed Roseanne.

A decision could come as early as this week on whether or not ABC is willing to move forward with the spin-off.

Indications are that key cast, including John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf, both of whom had been set to star in the upcoming season would come aboard for a spin-off. Showrunner Helford and most of the revived series’ writing staff would also be set to participate.

A major stumbling still appears to be Roseanne Barr, considered creator of the character Roseanne Connor, a status that is believed to give her a stake in any spinoff. ABC is believed to still be opposed to any deal that would see Barr gain financially from a spin-off.

Source: Variety.


  1. I think its quite possible for a spin off. Its been done before such as years ago there was a comedy show called Valerie starring Valerie Harper. I think she demanded more money to continue with the show as it was doing quite well , but they decided to just write her out and call the show Valerie’s Family, which then changed to The Hogan Family. The writers just had everyone looking sad in the first episode without Valerie where it was revealed she had died suddenly in a car accident. The show continued without her successfully. I would start the new season of “Roesanne’s Family”, with an urn sitting in the lounge room and just mention her in passing now and again. Bring Jackie and her mum in more and no one will miss Roseanne.

  2. I hope it goes ahead so people who lost their jobs can get them back. I can understand ABC not wanting to financially reward Roseanne but I think they need to look at the big picture, this will give so many a life raft and they could put out a statement saying they’re going ahead with it, unfortunately have to pay Roseanne per contract but didn’t want others to continue to be penalised for her behaviour. They did the right thing by cancelling Roseanne but I don’t imagine many people would begrudge them doing a spin-off.

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