Sam Armytage hits back at Daily Mail: “I said nothing of the sort!”

Sam Armytage took to social media to blast the Daily Mail after a misleading headline suggesting she was defending Donald Trump.

It followed a column she wrote for Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar magazine in which she mused on long-flight movie choices and her interest in political films.

She added, “It got me thinking about our present world leaders. Sure, they are all still seriously flawed and ego-driven and waging wars… But where’s the brilliance? And Obama aside, where are all the great orators?

“It’s been a bit thin on the ground recently, like the past 30 years or so. And I’m not going to state the obvious. Oh, OK, I will. Trump. It’s actually getting boring to bag the man these days (and you know I loathe a pile on).

“But, honestly, who could be surprised that the country that gave us The Kardashians has now delivered us a reality TV-star President?”

But a Daily Mail headline claimed Armytage “defends US President Donald Trump and says she is tried of the media mocking him.”

On her Instagram, Armytage insisted, “I said NOTHING of the sort @dailymailau .. anyone who read my @stellarmag column today knows that. I’m getting really fed up with you using my image & name & misleading headlines in an attempt to get clicks on your crappy website. Desist.
Again, I ask all you smart people out there NOT to read the Daily Mail. It really is the worst.”

The website subsequently changed its wording to “Samantha Armytage weighs in on the media mocking US President Donald Trump.”

In 2016 Daily Mail apologised to Armytage for running a (very long) headline “Sunrise host Sam Armytage dares to bare with granny panties showing a visible line as she steps out in Sydney … after slamming rumours she’s dating Channel Seven colleagues.”

In 2014 TV Tonight, asked Armytage about becoming a regular clickbait headline.

“A lot of it is rubbish, but there are so many pages to fill on the internet these days, if they don’t write rubbish, what else are they going to write about? But you know… that’s the beast that it is!” she said.


  1. aww poor Sam, my heart bleeds for he….Not. Please, after all the things she says, all the stupid insensitive, uninformed & judgemental rubbish that comes out of her mouth, & she now has the nerve to complain about other media outlets misquoting her?! lol.

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