Seven News win at Southern California Journalism Awards

Seven News reporters Ashlee Mullany, Mike Amor, cameramen Duncan McLeod and Luke Dorrington have been recognised at the Southern California Journalism Awards.

US Correspondent Ashlee Mullany and Duncan McLeod were staying inside the Mandalay Hotel, Las Vegas, five floors below a shooter last October when they awoke to gunfire. They gathered the little equipment they had on hand and within minutes were live to air on the street via a mobile phone link, where they would continue to broadcast for 48 hours after the shooting.

Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “Yet again Seven News and Public Affairs has been recognised for excellence in journalism and television reporting on the world stage. Congratulations to Ashlee Mullany, Mike Amor, Amelia Brace and Duncan McLeod on the awards and for their outstanding work day in and day out across Seven News programming.”

Aussie winners:

Duncan McLeod, Ashlee Mullany, Amelia Brace, Luke Dorrington, Mike Amor, Seven Network Australia; “Inside Mandalay Bay: The Vegas Massacre”
Judges’ comment: Thorough, varied and sober in-depth coverage of the shooting in Las Vegas was compelling telejournalism with a human connection.

Mike Amor, Andrea Keir, Duncan McLeod and Leigh Hubner, 7 Network Australia, Sunday Night; “Priscilla Remembers”
Judges’ comment: Elvis Presley was a very powerful figure in pop culture, and this piece by 7 Network Australia was captivating in that it revealed how stardom gained power over Elvis through the lens of his ex-wife Priscilla. The feature was not too short but not too long, either. Great job by Mike Amor to encapsulate her love for Elvis in this piece for all generations to gain perspective on a fallen mover and shaker in American history.

Mike Amor, Andrea Keir, Luke Thomas and Duncan McLeod; 7 Network Australia, Sunday Night; “Goldie’s Comeback”
Judges’ comment: Amor’s rapport with actress Goldie Hawn brought out her down-to-earth attitudes, giving a well-rounded, fascinating portrait of Goldie and her career in TV and movies, as well as her family life.

DOCUMENTARY, short, under 25 minutes
3rd: Mike Amor, Andrea Keir, Emma Dallimore and Duncan McLeod, 7 Network Australia; “Donald Trump’s Wall”

2nd: Phil Goyen, Liz Hayes, Scott Morelli and Ben Crane, 60 Minutes Australia – Nine Network; “The Gentleman Thief”

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