The Block to makeover St Kilda backpackers

You guessed it, the biggest Block ever settles on a rundown backpackers hostel in St. Kilda.

The Block has reportedly settled on another St. Kilda site, the tired backpackers accommodation, Oslo Hotel.

The site at 38 Grey Street, just a stone’s throw from The Gatwick in Fitzroy Street, is said to contain five mansions hidden behind the facade that dates back to the 1850s. Yet again, that would make it “the biggest Block ever.”

The Herald Sun reports the property has been acquired in an off-market deal struck after the series approached one of the owners.

Producers and building planners set to submit renovation plans to the City of Port Phillip council imminently.

The location falls once more within the production-friendly City of Port Phillip, which has been home to seasons in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018 (upcoming).

Last year producer Julian Cress told TV Tonight Melbourne remained its base because it is so welcomed by residents and councils, whilst former seasons in Sydney have proved challenging.

“Sydney is a much more expensive place just to buy the property. Can you make great capital gains in Sydney? Of course you can. You can in Perth as well. But Melbourne is a very strong market, continually strong, and has served us really well,” he said.

“It’s also much more expensive for us to make the show in Sydney than Melbourne because our whole crew is here. So we’re not suddenly going to start making the show with a new crew. So if we have to go to Sydney we have to move everyone. So there’s another good reason to stay.”

The Block Gatwick has finished production and is due in coming months.

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  1. I get that Melbourne is the productions city of choice for various reasons but I find it amusing that the discussion on city locations is only ever a debate between Sydney and Melbourne, people do realise that their are actually a number of other cities in Australia that could be worth considering

  2. If anyone can find an historical photo of the “original five mansions” that would be good.

    In any case, I would only watch this show again if they dumped Scott Cam.

    1. As long as they anchor off the Sydney Heads. Imagine them trying to paint while a roaring southerly buster hits. Would make for great television. Actually it wouldn’t happen because WorkCover would halt production.

  3. They have also revealed the couples. The couples are:

    * Generic Bogan Young White Dating Couple
    * Generic Bogan Young White Newlyweds
    * Generic Bogan Middle-Age White Married Couple
    * Generic Bogan White Childhood Mates

      1. They are both as bad as the other in almost every respect. I don’t know what it is but these Renovation Shows really just appeal to Bogans (as evident the cast on both shows).

  4. This property doesn’t look too bad from the outside. The conversion to apartments will need some car parking spots with possible access from Little Grey St or Dalgety Lane at the back.
    The liveability vs profitability conundrum.

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