Tip the Logies: votes closing

You have until Friday if you want to contribute to the annual Tip the Logies! survey.

There are a number of clear ‘winners’ in current voting but still time to sway the favourites in a handful of categories.

The survey is designed to elicit answers from a large group of TV fans, just like the awards themselves, to see if we can predict the likely winners. Last year readers correctly tipped 6 of 12 popular categories.

But it works best if we follow the same principle of  choosing who you would LIKE to see win, not who you think will win.

As such it is confined to the Popular categories only (with Hall of Fame thrown in to see if any common responses hint at a leak). No prize is offered and no reader will be announced for guessing the most correct responses.

Survey closes 5pm AEST Friday June 29.

Voting requires a valid email.

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