Weekend Sunrise apologises over IVF discussion

Weekend Sunrise has apologised after viewers complained about a panel discussion over a Daily Telegraph article which likened IVF to a “gambling addiction.”

Viewers took to social media after the segment hosted by Monique Wright and Basil Zempilas asked whether there should be a limit of 9 or 10 times on in vitro fertilisation.

On Facebook, where a clip of show was posted, it received more than 2000 ‘angry’ reactions and negative comments, including one from Adelaide-based fertility clinic, Fertility SA which said “We think you got this one wrong Sunrise.”

Yesterday the show apologised.

“Some of the opinions upset some of our viewers and we want you to know that we heard you,” said Wright. “While it wasn’t anyone’s intent to cause distress in that segment, we did. And for that I want to personally apologise, especially to have impacted in a negative way who is at or has been at one of the most vulnerable times trying to have a baby.”

She acknowledged it was in parts “unintentionally insensitive” while Zempilas said he empathised with couples unable to have children.

Weekend Sunrise then spoke to an IVF specialist who said most women would not say they were “addicted” to treatment.

“Every woman, every couple goes through IVF in their own way,” she said.

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  1. Nothing wrong with having commentators on to talk about topics. I quite enjoy these type of segments. After all, talkback radio callers are not experts either.

  2. I agree with Nathan. I think the problem is that they all talk like they are experts on every subject that is in the news. Why don’t they just start off conversations saying ‘we are not experts on this topic and this is just our opinion for discussion’. Today show as well.

    • If you are going to have discussions about things like IVF or aboriginal adoption, you need to get experts in and not use Daily Tele articles or call on people like Prue McSween to lead the discussion.
      I’d have thought that was fairly obvious? But I guess in the rigorous of putting together 3 hours of TV each day, it’s sometimes easier to reach for the simplest option.

      • It is possible that there is some similarities between IVF and gambling if you look at them objectively, but as you say, it was vitally important to have the person who originally made the comparison there to explain their reasoning. You can’t just pass these things down as chinese whispers, or you will raise outrage.

  3. Memo to Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise, Sunrise’s Facebook page and Weekend Sunrise’s Facebook page, just stop trying to talk about topics you know nothing about, stick to Weddings in Fiji and funny dog videos. Clearly you all cannot have a rational discussion without making an arse out of yourselves.

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