A Brenda & Ron spin-off?

If Fiona O’Loughlin as her way there will be more of Brenda & Ron, the husband & wife comedy creation she forged with Peter Rowsthorn during their time on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

A script is being quietly crafted, but it’s yet to be seen if producers ITV Studios or TEN will have any interest.

“I don’t know if ITV are talking about but I’m talking about it!” she told TV Tonight.

“Peter Roswthorn has a script he’s working on and it’s called Nomads. As in Grey Nomads. He had it in the works before so he’s adapted it, I think, to include Ron & Brenda.”

The duo didn’t discover their antics became one of the show’s more popular aspects until they finished on air, with O’Loughlin crowned Queen of the Jungle.

“We didn’t even know Ron & Brenda were happening, on the other side…. but it was fun.”

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  1. Yes please! I saw Fiona oloughlin comedy show at the comedy store the night before the Logies and she was great. She talked about her time in the jungle and Ron and Brenda! Hope it happens!!

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