Airdate: Shaq Does Shark Week

Towering NBA star Shaquille O’Neal attempts to conquer his fears in a ‘Shaq Cage’ in Shaq Does Shark Week on Discovery Channel.

And wait for the moment it suddenly goes awry….

In the hopes of securing the ultimate symbol of fame and fortune – your very own week – Shaquille O’Neal inadvertently signed himself up to be thrust into the teeth of Shark Week (he really should’ve read the fine print). There’s only one problem. Shaq doesn’t do sharks, so to overcome his fear of sharks, he’s gonna need some help – enter ex-Navy/Marine comedian Rob Riggle (Saturday Night Live, Steph Brothers). Rob, along with marine biologists Tristan Guttridge and Austin Gallagher, will train him at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas to make the big plunge.

The team must also create diving gear specifically for Shaq’s size as well as a purpose-built ‘Shaq Cage’. But how will he cope when he literally comes face-to-face with a shark in a heart-stopping moment?

Shaq Does Shark Week is airing as part of A Bite of Shark Week – Discovery Australia’s celebration of the massive 30th anniversary of Shark Week in the US.

Sunday 29 July at 6.30pm on Discovery.

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