Airdate: The Single Wives

Seven’s new relationship series The Single Wives begins next week, hosted by Fifi Box.

Dating coach, Matthew Hussey, will give 4 women whose marriages have ended a relationship crash course.

They’ve all walked down the aisle before… but for each of them, their first marriage ended in heartbreak. Now back on the dating scene they all have a lot to learn. The Single Wives tracks the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of women searching for their second chance at love. Along the way they’ll be coached by the world’s #1 dating expert, Matthew Hussey, as he offers practical advice and insights into what makes men tick, how to find love and how to keep it. He will help them hone their dating skills, build their confidence and find connections with single men. The Single Wives is co-developed by Seven Studios and Eureka Productions and produced by Eureka Productions for Channel Seven.

7:30pm Wednesday July 18 on Seven.


  1. Well, Matthew Hussy you certainly do make sense !!! Sometimes our subconscious rules our actions and that’s what we need to change to change our actions. Yes, we need to visualize what we want and move on from the past, be our happy selves and stop judging the other person in seconds. If anything you have found a friend and said something nice to the other person to put a smile on their face and encouraged their pursuit of finding happiness with a partner. With the right attitude, we may even find one ourselves 🙂 Keep up the good advise, it’s logical, intellectual and introspective.

  2. “the world’s #1 dating expert, Matthew Hussey”. What a load of garbage. I was never contacted. Anyway, as they were already married wouldn’t they perhaps want marriage guidance?

  3. What a load of crap. This guy has a ridiculous following for what he does considering that he has never been married. Grandparents married for a solid 40+ years would be a better example of how to hold a relationship together. This guy’s built a career off beguiling gullible women with cocksure rhetoric that has no substance. He may possess a superficial understanding of the sexes, but a relationship expert he ain’t.

    If the guy was married, had kids, and graduated from the school of hard knocks, so to speak, his words might have some credence.

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