Airdate: True Love or True Lies

New MTV reality series sees real and fake couples competing for a cash prize.

New MTV reality series True Love or True Lies, which sees real and fake couples competing for a cash prize, will premiere in early August, in a first for the channel will air daily for two weeks.

Host Maya Jama said; “I’m so excited to be hosting my very own show on MTV this season. It was so fun to film! There were some amazing couples with incredible love stories in there, AND some seriously good liars so get involved and play along!”

UK talent Danny Dyer will also be providing commentary as the voice-over.

Six mystery couples arrive at a mansion in Italy thinking they’re there to compete to be crowned ‘the perfect couple’ and win £50,000 cash prize.

What they don’t know, is that hidden amongst them are liars – fake couples, who have never been in a relationship before and are there to steal the money for themselves. Every night they vote out one couple from the competition. If they vote out Liars, the prize fund grows by £10,000. Who will go the distance and take home the cash – will they be lovers, or liars – and have You got what it take to spot the fakes?

The couples will compete in daily love games designed to test their relationship and prove that they have what it takes to be crowned the perfect couple. At the end of each day, the couples will take part in a Love Ceremony, giving them the opportunity to choose the pair they believe to be liars. The couple with the most votes will leave the competition immediately.

The couples don’t know who the liars are, Maya and Danny don’t know who the liars are and the liars don’t know who the other liars are… but do you? There’s only one way to find out.

9.30am and 6pm from Tuesday August 7 on MTV.

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