Airdate: Wellington Paranormal

New Zealand comedy Wellington Paranormal premieres tonight on SBS VICELAND.

Based on the film What We Do In The Shadows, the series from Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement sees New Zealand’s capital as a hotbed of supernatural activity. Aliens, demons, zombies, werewolves and vampires ….they’re all out in force in Wellington.

This premiered in NZ earlier this month.

To fight these paranormal threats, Sergeant Ruawai Maaka has set up the first classified Paranormal Unit of Wellington Police. Officers Minogue and O’Leary have been reassigned to the new unit, bringing a wealth of experience and a dedication to keeping Kiwis safe. They are ready to put themselves in danger – and they take paranormal phenomena very seriously. The supernatural community of Wellington is thriving but it’s still small enough that familiar faces, like Dion the Werewolf and Nick the Vampire, cross paths with Minogue and O’Leary in the course of filming. Get ready to follow these two normal cops into extraordinary situations and unearth a side of Wellington you might have only heard about in stories.

Series One, Episode One: Demon Girl
Officers Minogue and O’Leary bring in what appears to be a projectile-vomiting drunk teenager. Sergeant Maaka delves deeper and invites the officers to join his Paranormal Unit.

Episode Two: Cop Circles
Minogue and O’Leary travel to the rural outskirts to investigate photographic evidence of a cow up a tree. Maaka suspects alien activity.

9:25pm double episode tonight on SBS VICELAND.


  1. Last time I went to Wellington the only thing “paranormal” was the graffiti and rubbish everywhere, the freezing cold wind and the awful architecture. We went straight to the airport…

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