Back in Time for Dinner: July 10

It’s the season final of Back in Time for Dinner and the Ferrones look to the future.

Guests this episode include chef Matt Moran and fitness expert Steve “Commando” Willis.

After travelling 60 years back in time, the Ferrone family will now get a glimpse into the years to come. But what the future holds, nobody can definitively say! We can, however, be guided by research, statistics and projections, in order to understand what may likely be on our dinner plates in decades to come.

The family members enter their renovated home for the last time. Internet connection is paramount, and the house is full of devices. Even the cat is automated! Women still assume the lion’s share of the housework, but Carol’s new robotic vacuum cleaner helps cut down the manual labour. Virtual reality headsets have the kids wrapped up in their own simulated worlds.

Meal times are a concoction of surprises. Peter and Julian trick the girls with their vegan burgers, Annabel surprises the family with edible bugs, and Carol flinches at the thought of serving her family gummies for dinner. The girls take a trip to Western Sydney Uni’s glasshouse to learn about food sustainability and Julian and Carol gear up for a backyard beekeeping lesson.

8:30pm Tuesday on ABC.


  1. I to have really enjoyed it especially going back to the 50’s 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s and all the changes and things I remember.

    I think the youngest Olivia has stolen the show though.

  2. I’m actually going to miss the Ferrones. I’ve loved this show as much as Myf’s ‘Nice’ series. That was another great nostalgic show.

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying this terrific series; it has brought back some wonderful memories … along with some grimaces as well. How things have changed over the decades. In the 80s ep, the sticker price on a Commodore 64 computer was $495, equivalent to about $2,000 today relative to average weekly earnings. Ouch!

    The family cast for Back in Time for Dinner was a really great choice, and I liked icons from the respective decades being introduced as a guest in each ep.

    Overall, a very well done series, ABC.

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