Frasier reboot under discussion

Kelsey Grammer is listening to pitches from writers for ways to reboot or continue hit sitcom.

Kelsey Grammer is exploring the possibility of a reboot of Frasier, but the possibility is still in very early stages.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Grammer is listening to pitches from writers for ways to reboot or continue the show. Whether it’s a straight revival, a la Will & Grace and Murphy Brown, or more of a reboot with new characters but some link to the original show, remains to be seen. Importantly, it notes, it’s not much more than an idea being thrown around at the moment.

The series was itself a spin-off of Cheers, airing for 11 seasons from 1993-2004. It ended with Frasier leaving Seattle for Chicago, where he had followed his girlfriend, Charlotte (Laura Linney), in the hope of reuniting with her.

Actor John Mahoney, who played dad played Martin Crane, died in February aged 77.

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  1. Dear Netflix, shut up and take my money!
    Regards, a fanatic of good tv.

    P.S To Beverley McGarvey…Pointless is a terrible version of a UK hit. The problem isn’t the concept, it’s who signed off the hosts. I’m no Denyer fan but he knew how to work an audience. I’d be happy with Mash re-runs.

  2. One of my favourite shows. I remember it used to screen on 9 on a Saturday night after Hey Hey it’s Saturday. We would often be late going out because we had to watch Frasier first. With the passing of John Mahoney the first episode could be everyone coming together for his funeral.

  3. It was left kind of open ended. Frasier could be doing a hit podcast… with Roz and maybe Alice or Freddy. Daphne and Niles would have teenages now.
    Maybe have an old uncle or His Dad’s wife living with him. Played by Wendy Malik (Nina from Just Shoot Me and Victoria in Hot in Cleveland)
    Producers credit please haha 😛

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