Home Delivery distances itself from Germaine Greer comments

ABC and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery have distanced themselves from recent comments made by Germaine Greer after she suggested the punishment for rape should be reduced.

Last month Greer said some rape cases should be considered as “non-consensual… bad sex” rather than “spectacularly violent crime” as most “don’t involve any injury whatsoever”.

ABC yesterday said in a statement, “The 11 July episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery featuring Germaine Greer was recorded several months prior to Ms Greer’s recent comments about rape.

“There is no reference to rape or sexual assault in the episode. Neither the ABC nor Julia Zemiro endorse or support Ms Greer’s claims about rape and violence.

“Sexual violence is a serious problem in Australia. We treat any comments or claims about sexual violence very seriously and disavow any suggestion that rape does not involve injury or violence.

“Julia Zemiro is a proud ambassador of Our Watch, which drives nationwide change in the culture, behaviours and power imbalances that lead to violence against women and their children.”

ABC initially had the Greer episode scheduled to run earlier in the season run, but moved it to the series final last night.

Earlier this season a frank episode with Rebecca Gibney reflecting on historic abuse within her family became the subject of tabloid headlines following an unauthorised press release.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit www.1800RESPECT.org.au.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Germaine is as mad as a meat axe and has made inappropriate comments before. Why the big surprise and hand wringing now ?
    The fact that the production company went ahead and filmed her does invite the question – did ABC management approve the guest list despite her history of talking crap ?
    Of course they did, now the poor dearies are running for cover…


    • So they are only allowed to have guests who have never made a controversial comment? They will run out of potential guests pretty quickly.

  2. timmydownawell

    She needs to watch last night’s You Can’t Ask That. Particularly noting that one of the participants later took his life. No injury? Think again.

  3. One person disagrees with the ABC’s campaign for explicit consent laws, in political debate in another country, and now a perfectly harmless conversion about Greer’s childhood causes the ABC difficulty. Weeks of meetings to decide whether or not they should they no platform such a Gender Traitor by writing off the episode. Or will they just virtue signal by putting out press release shuning Greer for her opinion, and creating controversy that boosts the ratings for the Season Final, but spreading Greer’s abhorrent views far and wide across Australia.

    • Surely if it was to boost ratings they would have made a statement days in advance, not just as it is going to air? I took it as clarity as to why they did not raise her controversial comments: she was yet to make them.

      • I am not even sure why the ABC needs to comment about Germaine Greer’s subsequent comments about rape and sexual assault…. As the article said “There is no reference to rape or sexual assault in the episode.” Will they distance themselves from David Leyonhjelm , whom they have interviewed previously, now he has made comments about Sarah Hanson Young?

      • They pulled the episode weeks ago while middle management procrastinated as long as possible over whether to air it, they finally reached an agreement that it was OK to air as the Season Final, with a disclaimer. What they mean is the episode would never have been made if Middle Management knew. But Greer has made similar comments before, along with more controversial comments on sex with underage boys and Transgender rights. One thing you can be sure of is it won’t happen again. Every guest CJZ and other producers use will now be examined by middle management to ensure they support fully ABC workplace rules.

  4. She has really gone off the deep end, is this really the legacy she wants to leave, groundbreaking feminist turned misogynist, how bloody sad.

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