Interview: July 17

This week on Interview Andrew Denton speaks with Paralympian Dylan Alcott and porn star Angela White.

Dylan Alcott
If you could harness the energy of Dylan Alcott, he could power the entire country. The 27 year old dynamo is a Paralympic gold medallist in both tennis and basketball, winner of four Australian Opens, radio broadcaster, music festival organiser and disability activist.

With Andrew Denton, he discusses the tough love he received growing up from his older brother and why turning up to a party uninvited as a teenager changed the way he saw his own disability. He also describes what it’s like to meet a totally naked Roger Federer, recalls the day he crashed his wheelchair into the Dalai Lama and explains how appearing in a bank ad has changed his life.

Angela White
Warning: Adult Content
This could well be the most eye-opening interview of the year. Her name may not be familiar to most, but Angela White is Australia’s most successful porn star, with more than 20 AVN Awards (the porn Oscars) as a position in the Hall Of Fame.

With an Honours degree in gender studies and a thesis on women in the porn industry, this self-described sexual athlete is adamant that hard core pornography can be liberating and life-affirming, a force for good.

Andrew speaks with the Melbourne born, Los Angeles based writer, director and star about the ways she chooses to express her sexuality, the movies she makes and the thinking behind them.

In a frank and often confronting conversation, Andrew asks direct questions and gets direct answers from a woman who calls her work feminist. Is it okay for porn to show unsafe sex? How can she justify scenes which fictionalise rape? Is porn ethical?

Be warned. This interview contains some very adult themes.

8:30pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. Absolutely loved Dylan’s interview, began to watch the second interview but found it appalling. Definitely should not be on television.

    • Glass Portcullis

      Will admit to not watching the interviews, but I thought interviewing iconoclasts was Denton’s schtick. It certainly appears so in the above PR guff. To relegate Angela White’s interview by saying it “should not be on television” is actually quite disrespectful and narrow-minded, especially considering that in the current climate Australian television is crying out for greater diversity. To my mind, you could not have two more diverse guests.

      They’re both lionised high-achievers in their respective fields, arguably in the periphery of people’s knowledge: what’s wrong with the community at large knowing more about them?

      NB: I might have more to say after watching the show.

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