Interview: July 3

Warning: language

Guy Pearce & Tim Minchin are guests on tonight’s Interview.

Guy Pearce
An entertainment industry stalwart who has appeared on our television and movie screens for more than three decades, Guy Pearce doesn’t think of himself as an A-lister. Ahead of his new album,The Nomad, Andrew Denton sits down with the 50-year-old performer to discuss acting choices, the joy of transforming into other people and why he didn’t work on The Matrix.

Guy gets very personal when detailing the breakdown of his 18 year marriage, revealing his former wife Kate was the one who wanted to end their union. Months after the split, he met his current partner and mother of his (almost) two-year-old Monte, Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten.

Guy also muses on his many and famous co-stars, including Kylie Minogue, Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey, recalling “interesting” times with the latter while filming LA Confidential.

The Emmy award winner is also on the verge of tears when he discusses the need to forgive his late father for “leaving” his family. Guy’s father, a test pilot, died in a plane crash when the actor was only eight.

Tim Minchin
His CV says actor, composer, singer, satirist and comedian, but his face just says troublemaker. Tim Minchin is one of Australia’s most successful entertainers.

The first to bring a piano to the Interview set, Tim performs songs he composed for both the critically lauded Matilda and the stage production of the 1993 film, Groundhog Day. Tim talks about his love of musical theatre, but also about the “brutal” toughness of Broadway.

In this fascinating interview, Tim also reveals how his daughter first used the other F-word to describe him (famous), the anthem he wrote for the victims of Church sexual abuse and defining yourself by the things you love.

8:45pm tonight on Seven.

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