Multichannel Survey 2018: ELEVEN / ONE

TEN’s two multichannels score with daytime audiences, targeting youth and male viewers.


BRAND IDENTITY: The home of fun and bold entertainment for a distinctly youthful audience, ELEVEN showcases a mix of Australian and international content for people 16 to 39.

TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC: People 16 to 39.

FORMAT / TECH PLAYOUT: (Did not respond)

RATINGS / PERFORMANCE RESULTS: #1 multi-channel in day time in its target market of 16 to 39s and in #2 in total people. The richest multi-channel in women 16 to 39. The second youngest multi-channel.

KEY FIRST RUN TITLES: Neighbours, Supernatural, 100% Hotter.

UPCOMING FIRST RUN TITLES: Supernatural, Charmed, Happy Together, 600 Bottles of Wine, Stage Mums.

RECENT SUCCESS STORIES: Successful launch of ELEVEN’s brand defining 100% Hotter, successfully drawing audience across multiple platforms.


KEY CATCH-UP SHOWS FROM PRIMARY CHANNELS: The Graham Norton Show, Have You Been Paying Attention?, Gogglebox.



BRAND IDENTITY: The home of premium entertainment for men 25 and older, ONE content is a mix of premium scripted and factual programming, as well as local and international sports.

TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC: Men 25 and older.

FORMAT / TECH PLAYOUT: (Did not respond)

RATINGS / PERFORMANCE RESULTS: #1 multi-channel in day time in its target market of men 25 and older and in total people. #2 multi-channel in men 25 and older in prime time.

KEY FIRST RUN TITLES: Scorpion, Macgyver, A-League.

UPCOMING FIRST RUN TITLES: Macgyver S3, Forensics, Sea Patrol, Underworld Histories, MotoGP.

RECENT SUCCESS STORIES: Implementation and huge growth for ONE’s NCIS retro night on Mondays averaging 171,000+.





  1. Barely watch one. Only watch eleven purely for Neighbours.
    I’m over everybody loves Raymond repeats. Needs a refresh of other older content.

  2. Ten should to rebrand One as a sports channel. The reason one didn’t work when they initially launched it was because it didn’t have sports people wanted to watch.

    They should get the rights to Australia’s over season cricket tour, get 1-2 epl games s week from Optus.

  3. If it wasn’t for Neighbours, I’d have probably deleted the channel from my TV like I have for the shopping and religious channels.

  4. It would be better if David asked some questions. Surely some of the readers comments have crossed his mind.

    Would be much useful rather than generic responses.

  5. The lack of a response from Ten regarding these channels and changes to playout is curious and disappointing. I would’ve thought they may have something to announce considering the “TEN All Access” trademark was lodged with IP Australia this week. The CBS All Access app has Live streaming options for CBS, CBS News CBS Sports.

  6. Agree with everyone. Eleven and One are hopeless in terms of any new product. I know the loss of the Fox library robbed them of some new product but there is no incentive to watch the constant repeat programming.

      • You know when you’re often beaten by 7flix or 9Life there’s something wrong, even weekly share at times! Only other factor I can think of is Eleven’s ownership, CBS have always owned 50% in a weird partnership haven’t they, so hence programming demands?

  7. ONE and Eleven are probably the most fickle multi-channels in terms of share. They’re channels that’ll get a big audince and maybe a 4% share once in blue moon. ONE you’ll find the odd good movie on and Eleven if you’ve got nothing better to do 4:3 aspect re-runs of 90s/2000s sitcoms and dramas.

    The only definite success I can see, also mentioned in the above article, is the NCIS re-runs on Monday nights, rating big (around 200k one episode a couple of weeks back and shares well over 3%, got over 4% one night).

  8. Seven and Nine boast some titles but One and Eleven have turned into serious jokes. Dismal ratings are evident by the fact they crow about daytime. What about the other shows…. we are still awaiting Valor and No Tomorrow. The final season of Ripper Street has not aired. The final season of Zoo has not aired. They have talked about the success of 100% Hotter but in upcoming titles there is no mention, despite season 3 starting in the UK last November. There is a whole celebrity edition of Undercover Boss to air. I am pretty sure they only have aired two seasons of VF Confidential. Season 3 is 18 months old. There is still the series Doubt to air. A new season of Elementary has started in America. Ten have 9JKL which might get a multi channel run. Some of the shows listed are cancelled now but this is new product, or existing shows to play out. Come on – these have to be better than…

  9. James-original

    Can somebody tell me what this means?
    ‘The richest multi-channel in women 16 to 39.’

    And this one….
    ‘The second youngest multi-channel’
    Wouldn’t ABC Kids and ME be younger? Also does this ever matter?

    They’re struggling when they’re pulling out number 1 daytime in target demos. The real game is Primetime.

  10. I honestly keep forgetting that ONE exists, I don’t remember when I last watched anything on it, I’m guessing it was about 3 or 4 years ago when they had premier episodes of Undercover Boss US and Canada.

  11. Aussiecam58

    Personally l feel Eleven needs a makeover. Reruns after renuns of Frazer, Raymond, King of Queens, etc are making the network look tired.

    • I agree. Fraser, Raymond and King of Queens are hardly youth fare. My 79 year old Dad watches these on eleven. They did mix it up earlier this year by having only half an hour of these each and mixing in Malcome in the Middle and Mike and Molly. But this didn’t last long and they were back to hour long eps of Fraser, Raymond and KoQ, which is just boring programming. I’d like to check out Fraser myself, but can’t commit to two eps a day.

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