Networks back new “Total TV” measurement in 2019

Commercial TV bosses are backing a new ratings service set for 2019 which aims to reflect Total TV audiences regardless of device.

OzTAM and Nielsen have been developing new service, Virtual Australia (‘VOZ’) for the past 18 months. It will combine broadcast viewing on TV sets and connected devices, to identify what Australians are watching, who is watching, and how they are watching in OzTAM panel homes.

VOZ will incorporate viewing on 7 million connected devices plus minute-by-minute actual viewing behaviour of more than 12,000 individuals.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “There are 1.8 TV sets but a total of 6.6 screens, on average, in Australian households, and people are using them to watch television throughout the day – inside and outside the home. Prime time is now any time and OzTAM is building VOZ to report Total TV viewing.

“We’re proud to be working with Nielsen on this world-leading development. The positive feedback we’re receiving from media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters as we present VOZ indicates we’re meeting a significant industry need.”

Nielsen’s Head of TV Audience Measurement, David Ellem, said, “Nielsen is laser-focused on bringing to the Australian market the very best total audience measurement solutions available in the world. Delivering VOZ will enable this market to better understand audience targets across and between all devices, as well as provide the opportunity for advanced audience targeting for TV.”

Patrick Delany, chief executive of Foxtel, said: “TV is the ultimate loud-speaker and continues to hold the crown as the best way to reach the widest possible audience. No other medium captures and holds people’s attention in the same way while at the same time being backed up by transparent performance metrics allowing advertisers to measure audiences, fine-tune messages and amplify the impact of their stories. Today’s news is the next big step in its evolution as the ultimate marketing medium.”

Hugh Marks, chief executive of of Nine, said: “The launch of VOZ by OzTAM is an important milestone for television, that will pave the way for advertisers to harness VOZ to better target audience segments, while making the most of broadcast TV’s ability to quickly build reach across their platforms.”

Paul Anderson, chief executive of Network TEN, said: “Television is the only way to reach mass audiences fast – today’s news unlocks the true value of our content and cements television’s position in the marketing mix as the most effective way for advertisers and brands to engage audiences at scale.”

Tim Worner, chief executive of Seven West Media, said: “The true amount of TV being watched, and the level of engagement when it is, has long been underestimated. Today’s announcement gets us much closer to capturing real audience numbers, and will give brands invaluable insights into how audiences engage with premium long form video across the many different screens now available to them. It is this transparency and accountability, delivered by global leading measurement metrics, that sets TV apart from other mediums, and helps make it the best and most effective platform for advertisers for now and long into the future.”

OzTAM is listening to feedback from media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters ahead of a roll out in Q1 2019.

Kim Portrate, chief executive of marketing, research and industry development body ThinkTV,  said: “As ThinkTV enters its third year, it is wonderful to see that the industry will have access to OzTAM and Nielsen’s VOZ integrated database which combines all broadcast assets across all platforms, supporting cross-screen campaigns and overall reach goals, and enabling advanced audience targeting.”

VOZ will crystalise Australia’s Total TV picture:

Advertisers and media agencies will be able to create media plans encompassing TV inventory across all broadcast channels and devices, and manage cross-screen campaigns – including overall audience reach goals. They will also be able to overlay other datasets on top of VOZ to support advanced audience targeting.
TV networks can determine the incremental reach from viewing on connected devices, and optimise their inventory across all markets, platforms and devices.
The media industry gains an objective, independent, consistent and transparent metric by which to evaluate the performance of TV content across all screens and platforms.

OzTAM and Nielsen have for the past 18 months been developing, building and testing the components needed to deliver VOZ, including:

o Increasing the number of households in OzTAM’s TV ratings panel by 50 per cent in 2017, to make OzTAM TV ratings even more robust as Australia’s population grows and people spread their viewing across many more devices and channels. Every day, OzTAM samples the actual viewing behaviour of more than 12,000 individuals, minute-by-minute, 24/7/365. Together, OzTAM and Regional TAM’s panels make Australia the world’s largest per capita people metered market.

o Building out OzTAM’s Video Player Measurement (VPM) service, which provides minute-by-minute data on 7 million connected devices streaming participating broadcasters’ (currently ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, SBS and Foxtel) TV content across all platforms and devices.

o Introducing demographics into OzTAM’s VPM Report – on track for delivery before the end of 2018.

o Installing streaming TV meters in approximately 1,300 TV panel homes, to provide valuable insights into cross-platform viewing by household members; enhance demographic modelling of device-based viewing on household connected devices, which is collected by OzTAM’s VPM service; de-duplicate and identify linked device use; and deliver greater perspective on how people use their TV sets for purposes other than watching live or playing back linear television within 28 days of original broadcast.

o Constructing the data handling, processing and production infrastructure to support VOZ.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I have a 32 inch monitor with my PC…it is HD and my older TV is not…so I watch a lot of TV on it…streaming or catchup…I also sometime watch on my android phone in the bedroom…
    TV, when on…is mostly ABC News…occasionally other channels.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Wow, this could really shake up ratings. It will be interesting to see how differently shows rate next year. Shows that now don’t seem to rate that high could now rate much higher. You can only watch so many shows live as there are usually shows on multiple channels at the same time so you have to tape them.

  3. That’s great. But still not going to give the networks any sort of accuracy.

    They really need to get Regional TAM into bed with them to ensure eyes watching shows are accurate across devices and TV in regional Australia otherwise they are only going to be left with inflated numbers from the streaming side.

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