New SBS drama The Hunt, more Get Krack!n confirmed.

Screen Australia funding for SBS, ABC, Nine, TEN & Stan projects.

A new SBS drama The Hunt, and a second season of ABC’s get Krack!n are amongst funding announcements by Screen Australia this week.

Rebecca Summerton and Sophie Hyde, the producer and directing duo behind Closer Productions have teamed up with a new drama series for SBS, The Hunt. The series will be Closer Productions’ first long form television drama project with Sophie Hyde directing and Matthew Cormack (52 Tuesdays) and Niki Aken (The Secret Daughter) on board to write. The 4 x 54 minute female-centric drama centres on two high school teachers who discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers – a revelation that puts unbearable stress on the tightly woven lives of four teenagers and their families. South Australian Film Corporation has also invested in the series.

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan will return to the ABC with a second season of their satirical morning television show Get Krack!n. Produced by Tamasin Simpkin and Antje Kulpe, and executive produced by Token’s Kevin Whyte (Please Like Me, Rosehaven, The Katering Show), season two of the series will be 8 x 25 minutes and continue to build on its commitment to encourage diversity in the writers room. Film Victoria are also on board to support the second season.

Also funded are upcoming Stan drama Bloom, TEN’s Playing for Keeps, Nine’s Bad Mothers and new kid’s series The Unlisted from Aquarius Films (Lion, Berlin Syndrome) and Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapena, both for ABC.

A further four television projects were also approved and will be announced later this month.

6 x 60mins
Genre Drama
Producer Sue Seeary
Executive Producers Nick Forward, Rob Gibson, Glen Dolman, David Maher, David Taylor
Director John Curran
Writers Glen Dolman
Broadcaster Stan
Synopsis One year after a devastating flood kills five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore youth.

Playing For Keeps
8 x 46mins
Screentime Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producers Kerrie Mainwaring, Paul Moloney
Directors Sian Davies, Tori Garrett, Scott Major
Writers Claire Phillips, Christine Bartlett, Ian Meadows, Ainslie Coulston
Broadcaster Network Ten
International Sales Screentime Commercial Pty Ltd
Synopsis In the male-dominated world of a football club the real power is with the women. In a fresh, contemporary voice this female-skewed, heightened, telenovela style drama takes no prisoners. Foregrounding five very different women, Playing for Keeps explores this unique world from their perspective. From the grand-stands and the locker rooms to the red carpets and the bedrooms. Is it infatuation or love, power or relevance? What makes these women tick? This is lifestyles of the rich and famous writ large. Bold, brassy, funny and dangerous. Playing for Keeps will be addictive, must-see TV. When you fly high you sometimes feel the heat.

The Hunt
4 x 54mins
Closer Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Creators Sophie Hyde, Matthew Cormack
Producers Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde
Director Sophie Hyde
Writers Matthew Cormack, Niki Aken
Broadcaster SBS
International Sales DCD Media
Synopsis Two idealistic high school teachers discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers – a revelation that puts unbearable stress on the tightly woven lives of four teenagers and their families.

Get Krack!n Season Two
8 x 25mins
Guesswork Television Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Producers Tamasin Simpkin, Antje Kulpe
Executive Producers Kevin Whyte, Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Director Hayden Guppy
Writers Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Broadcaster ABC
International Sales Guesswork Distribution
Synopsis Get Krack!n is the highly anticipated new series from the stars of The Katering Show (Australian TV’s all time most viewed digital series).

Bad Mothers
8 x 60mins
Jungle FTV Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producers Chloe Rickard, Steven Zanoksi
Executive Producers Rachel Lang, Chloe Rickard, Gavin Strawhan, Phil Lloyd, Steven Zanoksi
Writers Gavin Strawhan, Rachel Lang, Phil Lloyd, Sarah Walker, Tim Lee
Broadcaster Nine Network
Synopsis Bad Mothers is a fresh ensemble drama about four very different friends negotiating the perils and joys of being a modern mum: from parties to play dates, hangovers to homework, mishaps to murder.

Spongo, Fuzz & Jalapena
26 x 11mins
Cheeky Little Media Pty Ltd
Genre Children’s, Animation
Producers Patrick Egerton, Isla Curtis
Executive Producers Patrick Egerton, David Webster
Director David Webster
Writers Bruce Griffiths, Tim Bain, Charlotte Rose-Hamlyn, Joel Slack-Smith, Bruce Griffiths, Cleon Prineas, Dan Mansour, Simon Dodd, Zoe Harrington, David Breen, Thomas Duncan-Watt
Broadcaster ABC
International Sales DHX International
Synopsis Three best buds, a town full of crazy contests and a friendship that breaks all the rules!

The Unlisted
15 x 26mins
Aquarius Films Pty Ltd
Genre Action adventure, Thriller, Drama
Producers Polly Staniford, Angie Fielder
Executive Producer / Creator Justine Flynn (Buster Productions)
Directors Rhys Graham, Corrie Chen
Writers Mithila Gupta, Timothy Lee, Tristram Baumber, Jane Allen, Greg Waters, Natesha Somasundaram, Chris Kunz, Nicholas Brown, Rhys Graham
Broadcaster ABC
International Sales Sinking Ship
Synopsis Twelve-year-old identical twins Dru and Kal discover that the government is secretly tracking and manipulating Australia’s youth via electronic tracking devices. Together with a group of underground vigilante kids – The Unlisted – they must stop the evil authorities from creating an army of young soldiers who can be manipulated to serve the wealthiest citizens.

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