Nine News claims 2018 title in Sydney

Nine News Sydney has claimed the 2018 ratings year after winning 21 of 40 weeks over Seven News.

The metric of “weeks won” has become less referenced in recent years as a measure of annual success, except when somebody can own it.

An increasingly common measure is an average audience across the television year.

On that front Nine is also ahead in Sydney too at 273,000 to Seven’s 242,000 (6pm – 6:30pm) and
267,000 to 242,000 (6:30pm – 7pm), Monday to Friday, excluding Easter.

Presenter Peter Overton said, “We have a team of hard-working and outstanding reporters, producers, editors and camera teams who strive each day to bring viewers fair and accurate reports on issues across our state, the nation and the world. This result is a true testament to their efforts.

“Personally, to be at the helm of Sydney’s flagship bulletin for a decade is a great privilege and I thank the viewers who continue to trust and rely on Nine News to keep them up to date and informed.”

Nine News Sydney Director, Simon Hobbs, said: “The professionalism, dedication and hard work of our entire team is second to none. Every day we remain committed to bringing our loyal viewers more stories and news, without bias, to ensure Nine News remains Sydney’s most trusted source.”

Nine is also on track to claim victory in Melbourne shortly, while Seven has 21 weeks won in Adelaide and Perth.


  1. If 9 News is soo good, why don’t we get it in the Regions? It would be great to have 9 News on Go or GEM at 6.30 or 7pm so it doesn’t clash with NBN. I think Michael Usher is the best reader around. Don’t mind Pete Overton but sometimes he is a bit over the top.

  2. I’m amazed so many people watch either Overton or Ferguson, they’re both so bland and lacking warmth and personality on camera.

    Funnily enough, one newsreader I quite liked in recent times for having some personality and a quick wit was Greg Thompson, now ex-Sky News…

    I think probably my favourite all-time was Ian Ross, he was brilliant – still had the authority and respect you need, but also a cheeky sense of humour that he often showed off on the Today Show, especially when he’d banter with Monte Dwyer. Was great at Seven too. I didn’t mind Chris Bath as well

  3. It is odd to look at. When you see Nine having claimed a survey win in Sydney, yet Seven are so dominant across the 5 cities, regionally and nationally.
    Brisbane looks to be the biggest disrupter this year, massive swing (no doubt Comm Games influence), Seven could claim it.

    Also, take last night in general for example:
    Melbourne preferred MasterChef (loyal to a Melbourne based show), Sydney preferred ANW (loyal to Nine), Brisbane was extremely close between ANW and House Rules and Adelaide and Perth preferred MasterChef (loyal as always to Seven). So looking at 5 city numbers isn’t always the best idea I say.

  4. I suppose that nine have to claim something when they can as I am not sure they will be able to claim much more this year, am surprised that seven haven’t started to claim their good fortune yet, perhaps they are waiting to see what else happens over the next few weeks.

  5. Interesting that Nine wins in Sydney and Melbourne…but still struggles nationally given Seven’s dominance in Perth and Adelaide. Seven still ahead nationally on news, not bad given they are behind in the two biggest markets.
    Seven must be very close to claiming the year for number of rating weeks won?

  6. Is Peter Mitchell the only State newsreader that starts his week reading news on a Sunday. The main newsreaders in the past had a week end fill in on Sat/ Sun. ( Yer I no he has been doing it for a while )

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