Photographer hits back at Tracy Grimshaw claim

A photographer has hit back at a serve by A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw levelled at paparazzi.

On her Instagram feed, Grimshaw recently posted a make-up free shot, commenting “Now the mags and websites don’t have to pay to have me stalked by strange men to get this pic.”

But photographer Stephen Cook replied with a comment about A Current Affair.

“With blinding righteous indignation you condemn the paparazzi while ignoring the fact that, in the over-exaggerated, sensationalised world of tabloid current affairs, your show adopts the very same practices as they do,” he wrote.

“Five days a week, you chase and hound people to the ends of the Earth in the name of ‘serious journalism’, when in reality your show  is nothing more than tabloid TV designed to boost Channel 9’s ratings and advertising revenue.”

He went on to note ACA was recognised for coverage of a story about NRL player Mitchell Pierce simulating a lewd act with a dog, saying “That footage was provided to ACA by non other than the paparazzi. If you are going to vilify the paparazzi one minute you cannot accept the content they provide the next.”

While some praised Grimshaw’s anti-pap strategy, others also accused her of hypocrisy.

Cook’s comment has reportedly been deleted.



Source: News Corp


  1. I agree 100%. look at how they dealt with that Ben McCormack situation! not once did they chase him to his car or chase him down at the shops or knock on his front door! 2 elderly men (in their 80’s) were hunted down and interrogated by ACA reporters in the space of 1 week… just because they were questioned about a disappearance back in the 70’s

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