Renewed: Altered Carbon

Netflix sci-fi Altered Carbon has been renewed for a second season but with a new lead actor as Anthony Mackie (pictured) taking over from Joel Kinnaman.

Mackie (Captain America, Detroit, The Hurt Locker) will star as Takeshi Kovacs -a role fleetingly depicted by Will Yun Lee prior to Kinnaman.

Based on the science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan the show will return for 8 more episodes, with Laeta Kalogridis returning as co-showrunner and executive producer and Alison Schapker joining as co-showrunner.

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  1. I guess this must be one of the advantages of transferring consciousness into different bodies you can change actors without radically re-writing the plot and make it look refreshed at the same time. I assume that the story from season 2 will continue with some new adversarial problems to face, much like the Blade Runner dystopian universe it closely follows.

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