Roseanne: “It cost me everything.”

A defiant and sometimes rambling Roseanne Barr has been interviewed on  Sean Hannity’s program on FOX News in the US, proving defiant and humbled in equal parts, and said the controversial tweet that led to the cancellation of her popular ABC program was a “mistake” and “it cost me everything, my life’s work.”

But she also said the tweet was meant to express a political view, not a racial one, and insisted her intentions had been misunderstood. She offered a difficult-to-follow explanation that involved her feelings regarding former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett’s role in devising a nuclear deal with Iran. “That is a tweet asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal, which Valerie Jarrett is the author of,” she said.


Source: Variety


  1. Sad thing is that this leads to self-censoring. Loads of people will not ever speak their own truth because they can be crucified by the media and lose everything. Barr’s comment was ill-advised and unpopular, but the penalty has been way out of proportion. Her show’s producers made it worse by pandering to the noisy twitterverse and canning the show.

  2. You’d think 7 weeks was plenty of time to come up with a more believable excuse.

    But hey, if nasty unpleasant RWNJs want to keep shooting themselves in their feet, I’m happy to let them…

      • I think people are sick up and fed with people in power in Hollywood who think they can get away with doing (Weinstein) and saying (Barr) whatever they like with impunity.

    • 1. Racism is racism. Her controversial tweet made zero mention of Iran or the nuclear deal.
      2. Kathy Griffin’s career was almost killed after her political statement, and Hollywood people across the political spectrum shunned her. No different here, so the Roseanne backlash can’t simply put down to a ‘leftist’ Hollywood.
      2. ABC in the US intentionally set about a Roseanne reboot to tap into the Trump-supporter audience. They clearly wanted it to work, and were delighted when it did. The fallout is all on Roseanne.

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