SKY News suspends producer over Outsiders statement

SKY News producer suspended pending an internal investigation over wording of news strap.

SKY News has suspended a producer following statements made by The Outsiders.

Senator David Leyonhjelm was discussing an incident in Parliament in which Senator Sarah Hanson-Young called on Leyonhjelm to apologise and withdraw remarks that “you should stop shagging men, Sarah.”

During the Outsiders discussion with Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron, Leyonhjelm said, “If I had said . . . all women are sluts, the outrage would have been monumental.”

“It would have been called misogyny, and it would have been criticised and called out — rightly so. The male version of that is misandry. I don’t think it’s any less forgivable if you say all men are rapists . . .  it’s equally as objectionable as misogony.”

The news strap read: “Sarah Hanson-Young is known for liking men. The rumours about her in parliament are well known.”

On Twitter, SKY said, “SKY News wishes to apologise to Senator @sarahinthesen8 for broadcasting appalling comments by Senator @DavidLeyonhjelm earlier today, and for highlighting them in an on-screen strap. A producer has been suspended pending an internal investigation.”

Journalist David Speers said, “The comments were completely unacceptable and should have been called out by Rowan and Ross at the time. There’s room for plenty of opinions, but basic human decency should come first. Sexism is never ok. I’m glad SKY News has apologised. I have also contacted @sarahinthesen8”

Senator Derryn Hinch also said on Twitter to David Speers, “David. I shall be taking this pursuing this when the Senate resumes. This is vile. Your network is tainted.”