Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation: July 9

Guests in the season final of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation are Tim Rogers, Kate Jenkinson and Aaron Chen at the special time of 9:10pm.

We scoured all of history to pluck our guests, musician Tim Rogers, actor Kate Jenkinson and comedian Aaron Chen, only to send them straight back to school.

Robyn Butler, Andy Lee and Laurence Boxhall return as house captains of their generations to hopefully lead their class to a victory that will go down in the history books for students to study in years to come.

But before matron, Shaun Micallef, can discharge them one team member must risk becoming lunch, two team members travel through time to find the correct answer, and everyone ends up going back to the future.

Who will score straight As and who will be sent to the principal’s office?  

9:10pm Monday on Nine.


  1. I am watching and enjoying – Shaun is brilliant, and I like the captains (especially Laurence), but I do feel that they have sacrificed the older generation of viewers. I am Gen X but most weeks have not known who my “representative” guest was (exceptions were Eddie Perfect (playschool) and Claudia Karvan. The questions for my gen were are often skewed too young for me, and with the other gens being younger, I don’t find many that I can answer. There are forty or more years of older viewers than I, and in reality, they are the ones forming the audience of FTA TV.

    I think having four gens would have been better option. In the short term, find some Gen X guests who are a little more well-known.

  2. Ok so Tim Roger – 48, Aaron Chen – 37, and Kate Jenkins? Oh she’s 36. None of them are Gen Z. Cheers Channel 9 for once again going against the premise of this show

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