The Living Room: July 13

In the annual Living Room hot list episode, there are embarrassing pet questions, best soups and favourite DIY hacks.

Top 5 with Barry Du Bois: Water Saving Tips
Barry Du Bois shares his top five simple tips to making your home more efficient while saving money and water. Barry’s confident these new home improvements could help save the average household around 40 liters of water a day.

Pet Studio with Chris Brown: Top 5 Most Embarrassing Questions
Ever had a question about your pet that you were too embarrassed to ask? Dr Chris tackles the top five most embarrassing pet questions. From dog’s who eat hair to cat’s that stare at walls for hours on end, Chris has the answers to your embarrassing answers.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Top 5 Soups
Nothing beats a warm and hearty soup on a cold winter’s day. Miguel shares his top five soups in Australia. From a spicy Asian broth to a cold and flu remedy that Jewish grandmothers swear by.

Health with Tiffiny: Mood Moves
Tiffiny Hall reveals her top five exercises to boost your mood. First up, Tiff learns the physical and mental benefits of cycling. She then heads to a boot camp to experience the benefits of team exercise. She try’s her hand at Tai Chi before taking things up a notch and smashing her way through The Break Room.

Amanda’s Top 5: DIY Hacks
From making a jar lid out of a balloon, to the fastest way to peel an apple, Amanda shares her quirkiest top five DIY tips, to make everyday tasks a lot easier and interesting.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

One Comment:

  1. thedirtydigger

    It’s rather sad to read slack publicity releases that are so badly written – and with the added bonus of a punctuation level struggling to match that of a 7 year old …
    Unfortunately The Living Room is a serial ( or is that cereal ) offender.
    Here’s a few things even Stevie Wonder could have picked up on a quick read through…
    1.” 40 liters of water ” – actually we live in Australia and we spell a volume of water as ” litres.”
    2. “Dog’s” and “cat’s” don’t need apostrophes here.
    3. “She try’s her hand..” See above, Hemingway.
    4 “Chris has the answers to your embarrassing answers.” Um , I think you mean “questions.”
    So please Amanda, stop getting Derek Zoolander to write your TV blurb, it really is the work of some kid who don’t read good.

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