Trial by Kyle pilot for TEN

Kyle Sandilands has confirmed he is returning to TEN nearly 10 years after being fired by a “dog of a network” (his words yesterday).

He will film a pilot Trial By Kyle in which he plays mediator in disputes and disagreements.

On KIIS FM Sandilands yesterday told co-host Jackie O, “I’m known as a judge. Now a couple of months ago Jackie you mentioned in ‘O News’ that there was some rumours that I was going to be doing some Judge Judy style show at Channel TEN.”

He confirmed he had signed off on the project.

“It’s sort of like a Judge Judy thing, but it’s called Trial By Kyle” adding, “Celebrities going up against photographers, we’ve already got one of those locked in.”

The project appears to be for TEN’s Pilot week, tipped for November, with Sandilands potentially producing. He also floated the possibility of experts to offer advice on specific cases.

TEN is yet to confirm the show.

Sandilands was fired from Australian Idol in 2009 after a controversial radio segment with a lie detector and a 17 year old girl. He last narrated Meet the Hockers for 9GO! which he also produced.


  1. italianguy1987

    Can everyone calm down??? it’s just one episode shown in pilot week. it’s not like the show will be shown in full and if you don’t like it just watch something else. spare a thought for people who might like this kind of show or any other show. just because you don’t like kyle or the format of the show doesn’t mean your opinion is right or the one that should be heard the loudest.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      How are people shouting to be heard loudest in these comments, everyone is just expressing a personal opinion, no-one is telling others not too watch or saying others are lesser if they do. Negative opinions on an upcoming show based on what and how a person has behaved in the distant and recent past are just as legit as positive ones. Nothing is stopping other people from posting comments of a positive nature and they’re just as welcome as any other comment by nature of this site.

  2. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

    They can have cross-overs, people can go on Trial By Kyle and claim that they’re lives have been ruined by listening to the advice given on Hughesy, We Have A Problem. Also people on Trial By Kyle can go on HWHAP and claim that nothing became of their claims because shock horror Kyle isn’t a real Judge and nothing could be really legally settled.

    Only good thing about Trial By Kyle would be an episode of Gogglebox watching it, hell have a short season of Gogglebox watching Pilot week. Personally I’d like to see an episode of Shark Tank where the TEN Executives go in front of them and pitch ideas for shows and try and raise capital to make them.

  3. Say what you want about the content but at least ten are trying. They have the busiest studios in Sydney which means work for a lot of people. Swing away Ten.

  4. If this is done properly, then I think it could be a good show. Hopefully Kyle gets a little bit of legal training so he has a grasp on some legal concepts (not that it matters really but it would give the show some gravitas).

  5. With the number of failed TV titles he has under his belt, it’s bewildering that he’s still given the opportunity to have his own series.

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