Viewers praise Real Full Monty

Seven viewers were full of praise for the 8 blokes who stripped for a good cause on The Real Full Monty last night.

On social media viewers, and even doctors, congratulated the show for bringing attention to prostate cancer. If some were also patrons in the Live theatre event, it didn’t matter, the message sank in:

“As a doctor, I want to thank @ShaneJacobson @ToddMcKenney and @Channel7 after watching The Full Monty tonight, which is helping raise awareness of men’s health issues and cancers. As men we are hopeless at taking care of ourselves, and we need to do better! #thefullmonty”

“Well done to each of you boys! So amazed by all you volunteering to do the #TheRealFullMonty”

“Thanks your message has worked, Hubby going to get a check up”

“To @ToddMcKenney @ShaneJacobson @JonesyandAmanda @krissmith1313 @MrSamMac @BTBrianTaylor @Browndogg_30x Jett Kenny @mattcooper44 you guys have my full respect and admiration. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones #TheRealFullMontyAU”

“Congratulations @ShaneJacobson, @ToddMcKenney and the boys from #TheRealFullMontyAU troupe. As a nurse who deals with cancer patients daily, I know you will help save lives by talking about #MensHealth. Early detection makes a big difference. I say “Be aware, not beware”

“Hats off, literally, to @ShaneJacobson @BTBrianTaylor @mattcooper44 @krissmith131313 @MrSamMac @Browndogg_30x Jonesy & Jett Kenny. If it saves one life then the job is done.”

“Never been more attracted to Shane Jacobson in all my life #TheFullMonty”

“Terrific show! They nailed it, the audience was wonderful, the music was great so I danced along while laughing. Love them for doing this. Bravo Guys, Bravo!”

“@ShaneJacobson thankyou for a wonderfully exceptional amazing trip for Australian Men to see and be aware, my son is 21 and is full of cysts that we have to get checked – often – very scared to breathe some days – thankyou well done #TheRealFullMontyAU”

“#TheRealFullMontyAU coming to a theater near you all proseeds going to finding a cure for testicular cancer Id pay the big bucks to see this again, everywhere! Blown my socks off.? take it on the road lads. OMG was so good. Hot hot hot!! woohoo”

“That was brilliant- well done lads!! And to every bloke across Australia right now- if something seems wrong, if something’s not feeling as it should- GET CHECKED!!”

“Thanks for nothing @Channel7. Impossible to get my tweens to bed on time tonight #thefullmonty”

“fantastic job guys, mums a bit disappointed in the final camera angle but what do you do ? great message and way to raise awareness. men, please go get checked. a doctor won’t judge you, they would want to help you and it could just save your life.”

In the UK where the ITV production was also a hit, a second event was staged with both male & female celebs.


  1. As a very young boy at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with having prostate cancer and at the age of 18 I was having quite a bit of problem with urinating and after many tests was found that I had testicular and penile cancer and now that I am 63 I have just been advised that I have cancer of the appendix and as I have spoken to many men and younger about this problem and advising them on how to check if there might be a problem and if they find that there is a lump under their arm pits tp go and see their local doctor as this could be a sign of breast cancer and yes men can get breast cancer and also advise them of how to check for prostate, testicular and penile problems and if there is a lump or problems with urinating again go and see your local doctor for urgent help and I will continue to try and help other men and young boys to look after their lower mens area which is an…

  2. I chose to watch mainly to see the lead up to it and obviously see how there performance went and obviously I knew it was to raise mens health issues and get the message out there, but I didn’t think there would be so much of talk about on there.
    It was great to see each person share there own stories about family members going through cancer issues or the cast that have lost people to cancer, then they had this 28 year old speak about his journey. Well done to all involved.

    Todd was great and Shane was brilliant they way he spoke and his fears on himself, not wanting to take his shirt off in rehearsal because he was self conscious about his body. He was involved a lot more than I thought. Would have loved to see Stephen Curry in it. It was a shame he was busy.
    But well done to all involved.

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