You Can’t Ask That: Aug 1

This week on You Can’t Ask That the topic is Eating Disorders tackling questions such as “You look fine, what’s wrong with you?” and “How did it screw your body?”

When asked “You look fine — what’s wrong with you?” Kate sighs, “I’ve had doctors say that to me! It’s really hard not to punch them!”. She explains that living with an eating disorder, “You can look perfectly fine, but behind that there is so much going on in your head. It’s a mental illness”. Diagnosed with Anorexia as a teenager, the eating disorder had serious consequences, “I was calorie counting, cutting back as much as possible, hiding food, pretending that I’d eaten. Anorexia for me was starvation — to the point of nearly dying”.

Tegan Simmonds from Perth explains that the most common of all eating disorders is still largely misunderstood in Australia, “I always recognise that there was an issue, but I didn’t even know that Binge Eating Disorder was a thing — I knew about Anorexia and Bulimia, but I’d never heard about Binge Eating Disorder”.

She describes how the disorder impacted her life, “It’s complete loss of control, in the sense that you’ve already eaten three meals that day but still needing to eat food and doing so in an uncontrollable manner. I’ve literally thrown food away into the bin, then picked it out of the bin to eat it.”

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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  1. I’ve never really understood eating disorders probably because I love my food too much but you can’t ask that made me understand this a lot more. I just love this show.

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