ABC to close retail outlets & online shop

16 jobs to go. DVDs, books, music & merchandise to be available through approved retailers.

ABC will end its retail outlets around the country by February 15 2019 and will exit the ABC Shop Online  by the end of this year.

ABC Shops closed in 2015 but ABC Centres exists within partner stores including Sanity, Collins and Dymocks. Up to 16 redundancies are expected in the announcement.

Andrew Lambert, General Manager ABC Commercial, said: “Consultation with employees and union representatives on this proposal begins today and we look forward to their input over the coming weeks.

“ABC Shop Online and the ABC Centres are an important part of the ABC’s commercial operations, and these decisions are never taken lightly.

“This proposal directly responds to the changing market, in particular consumers’ shift to digital delivery of audio and visual content. Coupled with the intensifying global competition affecting the entire retail sector, the resulting decline in physical sales means the retail business is becoming increasingly unviable.”

ABC DVDs, music, books, toys and other merchandise will be available through “approved retailers” only.

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  1. I used them occasionaly but their stock was limited as is the case with Amazon since it opened up here and now won’t let you access their international sites. Ebay is the place for hard to find cds, dvds and books and usually a lot cheaper.

    1. I should have said regarding Amazon that you can access their international outlets but if you try to buy on those sites you will be directed back to Amazon Oz. You can still access Ebay overseas sites and buy from them; things there are still generally cheaper despite the GST imposition.

  2. I was sad to read this yesterday when an email from The ABC Shop confirmed this news. I understand the changing market impacts on their sales and they have no choice. I am surprised that the online store cannot still function, but clearly the cost is just too great.

  3. Sad news for collectors of BBC DVD disks and other British shows, no doubt the competitive market and the costs of having shops in large shopping centres was a major factor to this decision, though I’m not sure about the haste to close ABC Shop Online which looks to me like it was put into the too hard basket.

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