Airdate: Batavia Revealed: Shipwreck Psycho

Once the subject of an intended miniseries for TEN, the Batavia shipwreck in WA is the focus of a documentary, Batavia Revealed: Shipwreck Psycho this Thursday on SBS.

Russell Crowe also bought the film rights to a history book on the subject.

And yes, the photo is a replica!

Batavia Revealed: Shipwreck Psycho explores the bloody truth behind Australia’s worst mass murder, investigating horrifying tale of one of the world’s most terrifying and gruesome shipwreck stories of all time.

In 1629, the pride of the Dutch fleet was on its way to the East Indies when it hit a coral reef off the coast of Australia and sank. Some of the 300 passengers and crew drowned but most managed to swim to the nearby cluster of uninhabited islands. For the survivors, it was the equivalent of crash landing on the moon. They were stranded thousands of kilometres from any known civilisation, on alien land with little hope of rescue. The survivors probably thought their situation couldn’t get any worse. In fact, their nightmare was just beginning.

Thursday, 9 August at 8.30pm on SBS.


  1. There have been a number of docos on the subject over the years on TV-I have always thought it would be an excellent subject for a film or mini series-saw the original exhibit at the WA Museum in Perth as a schoolboy c1970 complete with skeletons with cutlass marks in the skulls.

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