Airdate: The Split

UK legal drama The Split will air on ABC next week.

The 6 part series stars Nicola Walker (Unforgotten) as a leading divorce lawyer who finds business is personal when she leaves the family firm for a rival and finally faces her estranged father (Anthony Head), who walked out 30 years ago.

The cast includes Annabel Scholey, Fiona Button, Deborah Findlay & Stephen Mangan. Written by Abi Morgan (The Hour), it is also directed by Aussie Jessica Hobbs.

It aired in the UK in April.

Hannah Defoe is a brilliant divorce lawyer. With her formidable mother Ruth and headstrong sister
Nina she takes on cases for London’s wealthy and well-known. Following a bitter argument, Hannah
leaves the family business to begin a new job at a rival firm, where she unexpectedly reconnects
with the only other man she could have imagined her life with. And when Hannah’s estranged father
returns after 30 years, the toxic feud between her parents is re-ignited. As the Defoe family is forced
to confront their fractured past, Hannah begins to question her own marriage. As a lawyer, Hannah
always gets what she wants for her clients but can she get what she wants for herself? A powerful
series that explores family, love, loyalty and the messy business of divorce.

7:30pm Saturday August 18 on ABC.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I will watch…I really enjoy Nicola Walker…she is such a chameleon….she totally owns every part she plays….and her roles have been many and varied.

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