Aussie joins Doctor Who writing team

Australian screenwriter Pete McTighe (Wentworth) has been announced as one of the upcoming writers for Doctor Who under new showrunner Chris Chibnall.

McTighe has written on a string of Australia dramas including The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Glitch, Nowhere Boys, Neighbours, Winners & Losers plus UK soap EastEnders.

Pete says: “My entire television career has quite literally been an elaborate plan to get to write Doctor Who – and no one is more shocked than me that it paid off. I’ve been having the time of my life working with Chris, and writing for Jodie and the new team, and can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been up to.”

Showrunner Chris Chibnall, says: “We have a team of writers who’ve been working quietly and secretly for a long time now, crafting characters, worlds and stories to excite and move you. A set of directors who stood those scripts up on their feet, bringing those ideas, visuals and emotions into existence with bravura and fun.

“Hailing from a range of backgrounds, tastes and styles, here’s what unites them: they are awesome people as well as brilliant at their job. (It matters!) They love Doctor Who. And they’ve all worked above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to bring audiences something special, later this year.”

Previous Aussies who have written for Doctor Who include Anthony Coburn (1963), Bill Strutton (1965) and Sarah Dollard (2015) with Mat King (2013) and Daniel Nettheim directing (2015) .

The show is tipped for late September, but yet to be confirmed.

The full list of writers and directors is here.


  1. Congratulations to him! I first noticed Pete when he presented introductions to episodes of Prisoner on DVD boxsets released in the ’90s (dressed as a ‘screw’). He seemed like a megafan so I dug him and was delighted when he got on board Wentworth.

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