Australian Ninja Warrior tipped for Melbourne move

As has been rumoured for some time, Australian Ninja Warrior looks set to do a MasterChef and relocate to Melbourne for 2019.

“Where we’ve been on Cockatoo Island, we’ve always had noise issues because water carries sound very well,” CEO Hugh Marks recently told the Herald Sun.

“We might need to find another location and we always envisaged (production) in Melbourne,” he added.

Sources say a location is yet to be finalised.

The Sydney production also entails accommodating its audience in overnight tents with shooting not wrapping until the early hours of the morning.

Season Three is already accepting registrations.

Seven’s Australian Spartan, which still has one more season in the can, was filmed in Brisbane.


  1. Heard Ben Fordham say this on the radio a couple weeks ago, he said Rebecca Madden isn’t too keen to film out of state hence the Melbourne move

    • It’s a 2 week shoot in November or December. I’m sure they aren’t uprooting all that infrastructure just for Rebecca not wanting to travel interstate.
      Shooting on the harbour is a huge expense , especially when the note comes back from the network ‘don’t shoot the harbour, we don’t want it to be too sydney centric’.

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