CBS All Access “on track” for Q4 2018

Another streaming service by the end of the year.

CBS All Access is “on track” for a launch in the Australian market in Q4 2018.

Launching the subscription streaming service in the Australian market was said to be a key reason CBS purchased Network TEN when it became available last year.

In the US the service retails at $5.99 per month with commercials and $9.99 without.

CBS All Access has launched and commissioned original titles in the US including The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery. With no current platform in Australia those titles are already committed elsewhere, but should become available at a later date, just as some Amazon titles debut first on Stan. New titles would remain exclusive to CBS All Access.

Upcoming shows include One Dollar, a mystery that follows a dollar bill as it changes hands amongst a group of characters involved in a shocking multiple murder; Tell Me a Story, fairy tales with a dark psychological twist from Kevin Williamson; Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone; a new Star Trek series with Patrick Stewart returning as Jean-Luc Picard.

It also has a library of classic CBS shows and original period drama Strange Angel.

The platform has an estimated 2.5 million subscribers with an average age of 43. Viewership is balanced among men and women, with men accounting for 52% of all viewing.

What is less clear is how an Australian equivalent will affect Tenplay, which presumably remains as a catch-up offering. But what about TEN’s CBS titles such as NCIS, Hawaii Five-0? Unclear…

Source: Variety


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  1. So, a finite number of viewers being given yet another option to watching FTA channels. And why are FTA viewer numbers dropping?
    “It also has a library of classic CBS shows”, which no doubt TEN could benefit from, replacing those One and 11 series-on-a-loop.

  2. Makes sense that it will happen around then as along with the Patrick Stewart news they also said they are rolling out Star Trek: Short Treks 4 x 10-minute episodes in the US Autumn, so kind of what MGM have done with Stargate on their Stargate streaming service (Stargate Command).

    Plus a whole lot of other Trek things after signing Alex Kurtzman to a new five year deal.
    So yeah it seems CBS has got things coming and shows to launch with.

  3. CBS has already trademarked TEN All Access with IP Australia so that should give us a good indication of what the service will be known as down under.

  4. Is this the big Pay TV news you hinted at in last weeks newsletter? Or does it mean Foxtel because All Access is SVOD? I was going to upgrade to IQ3 but if there is news re Foxtel I will hold off

  5. How about some of Ten’s shows like Rush, Offspring, Neighbours from the start, and some other classic ten shows which do not appear to be on any service at present, I could be wrong. There are some classic British series also like Harbourmaster, and Crocodile shoes

  6. Might result in even less first run US content on Ten in the future. Cupboard almost bare as it is !! Couple of minor changes to the story …. Good Fight not Good Wife and This is Us is Fox not CBS

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