Footy Show raises $1.55m but Chris Judd comment draws apology

The Footy Show My Room telethon raised $1,551,462 million on Thursday night, topping its 2017 tally of $1.083m.

All monies raised go to the children’s cancer charity My Room.

Maurizio Marcocci, the chairman of My Room, said, “On behalf of the My Room committee and families, I want to say we are overwhelmed by the support from Channel Nine and The Footy Show, as well as the corporate sponsors and volunteers. Most importantly, a big thank you to the public for their generosity. This magnificent result will help us with the fight against childhood cancer.”

Matt Scriven, Managing Director of Channel Nine Melbourne, said: “We want to thank the Footy Show community who reached into their pockets last night and donated to this incredible cause to help kids who are suffering through this terrible disease.

“Through the amazing support of our corporate partners and volunteers, and the Nine talent and other well-known faces who volunteered in the Telstra Celebrity Phone Room, we are able to ensure that every cent of every dollar donated will assist My Room and the Monash Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre in making a difference to the lives of many young Australians and their families.”

But the night also saw Footy Show regular Chris Judd after a comment he made in a live cross to the green room. It came when Shane Crawford was referring to cologne.

“I’m using a natural deodorant. The by-product of that is that it doesn’t actually work, but I’m not going to die of cancer,” Judd replied.

Judd was soon under fire across social media. He later apologised on air.

“I said something that was insensitive before. I had no intention to be offensive, but no doubt it’s come across that way to some people,” he said.

“So my apologies, we’re all here for the right reasons tonight and I hope it doesn’t detract from the night.”

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  1. I thought it was a bit off for them to hold a telethon for childrens’ cancer at the same time as fundraisers are being held for farmers suffering the drought. It reminds me of when the McGrath Foundation held a fundraiser for breast cancer right in the middle of Movember.

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