Hamish & Andy’s True Story: Aug 7

Hamish & Andy’s True Story returns on Tuesday with the story of a young girl and a lie she can’t let go of.

The cast features Erin Taylor, Jane Allsop, Essie Davis, Rob Sitch, Mark Mitchell, Stephen Hall, & Tamala Shelton.

Despite Carol’s visual impairment, her mum has always told her that she can do anything. In 1986, when Carol was 15, she was given an English assignment that required her to write out and analyse 40 poems. But the night before the due date, she hadn’t even started. And with reading not her strong suit, Carol decided that her only way out was to fake an illness and miss the next day of school. But once Carol is committed to something, there is no going back – even if what she has committed to is entirely fictitious. Will the highly trained medical fraternity catch Carol out, or will the wily teenager fool them all and go through with losing an internal organ, just to get out of an English assignment?

8:40pm Tuesday on Nine.

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