Is this how writers will address Roseanne in spin-off?

Possible spoiler alert….?

Actor John Goodman has spoken about the fall-out from Roseanne Barr’s infamous tweet and how it impacted him personally.

Speaking with the UK’s Times he also dropped a major hint about how writers may address the absence of Barr in the upcoming spin-off The Conners.

Goodman admitted that Barr’s offensive tweet left him “brokenhearted.” He explained, “But I thought, ‘OK, it’s just show business, I’m going to let it go.’ But I went through a period, about a month, where I was very depressed.”

Conceding he is “a depressive anyway” he added, “any excuse that I can get to lower myself, I will. But that had a great deal to do with it, more than I wanted to admit.”

But he also insisted that Barr isn’t racist.

“I know for a fact that she’s not a racist,” he said. “I’ll put it this way, I was surprised at the response. And that’s probably all I should say about it.”

Goodman hinted that Barr’s character could be killed off in The Conners, set to debut in the US in October.

“It’s an unknown,” he continued. Of his own character, he added, “I guess he’ll be mopey and sad because his wife’s dead.”

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Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. John Goodman is such a class act. Most people know him from his comedic work, but take his guest role in West Wing as an example of how fine he is when approaching serious roles.

  2. Makes sense they could do that, after all the Roseanne series finished with Roseanne hiding pain pills around the house because of a knee that needed surgery and being an opiate addict.

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