Karl v Hugh over Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Karl Stefanovic and Hugh Riminton have exchanged robust tweets after the Today presenter lent his support to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to his 434,000 followers amid questions about plans for government funding.

However TEN’s Hugh Riminton was one of several who pointed out, “Dear Karl, might it have been appropriate to mention that @GBRFoundation has been a TODAY show event sponsor? There is some strength in old principles.”

Stefanovic also tweeted He added, “I come from Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is home for millions of fish, turtles and wildlife; it’s one of the great natural wonders of the world. Millions rely on it for tourism. Politics should have no place in its waters. God we need to save it. We are running out of time” before a direct response to Hugh Riminton.

Whether in-kind or as cash, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation was indeed a sponsor of Today‘s “We Love Australia” tour following its 35th birthday last year.


  1. I’m not one to normally support Karl, but I will on this occasion.

    The sponsorship would’ve been very much a one off for that OB. The networks don’t tend to do OB’s unless they can cover the costs or make money through sponsorship of them. It’s cheaper and easier to stay in the studio otherwise.

    The hosts couldn’t be expected to remember a one off sponsor from a year ago – they deal with that many it would honestly be a blur, unless they were a big or regular sponsor. In one ear and out the other basically. I used to be a radio creative writer and in those days asking me about a one off client from a year previous would’ve most likely drawn a blank.

    Unless someone can show proof that it is an ongoing relationship (either a sponsorship of the show or Karl personally), I don’t see what conflict Karl has by commenting on the issue.

    Let’s not forget what “Cash For…

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