Kelsey Grammer not sure about Frasier reboot

It's goodnight Seattle by the sound of things, for star Kelsey Grammer.

News of an ALF reboot idea today has triggered a lot of social media reaction, from some who think it’s hilarious to others wanting to head for the hills.

Last week there was talk of a Frasier reboot -a somewhat more refined class of comedy than our hairy alien pal- either in a new form or as a continuation for the title character.

Kelsey Grammer, however, sounds lukewarm on the idea.

Speaking to the Press Association, he revealed: “They are rumours right now. I have discussed the idea with some people and I’m not sure I want to do it. That’s really where we’re at.”

So that pretty much sums up that state of development. Goodnight Seattle.

Source: Digital Spy

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    1. OMG yes, or instead of wasting money on poor ‘reboots’ of great shows how about they pick up great shows that were axed too soon and continue on. So many shows out there were axed too soon due to low ratings but I am sure given time would have come good, some were left with mega cliff hangers too eg Alcatraz, Life, Forever…I’m sure everyone has a show that got away.

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