1. I use to remember when Ten Eyewitness News use to rate over a million years ago, possibly 2009 / 2010? I don’t understand why it hardly ever gets above the 500,000 mark anymore. I actually prefer Ten News here in Perth out of the three major networks. Narelda Jacobs is a great newsreader.

    • Looking back at my own & David’s figures, you’ve got to go a bit further back than that – to ~2007/8 – before you see 10 News semi-regularly pulling over 1M.

      It’s true that since then 7 & 9 together seem to have stolen more audience % from 10 than each other (or ABC & SBS). But it’s also true that viewer numbers have dropped dramatically – both 7 & 9 news were regularly pulling ~1.5M in 2008; now they’re both hovering around 1~1.1M.

      That 30% drop in 10 years says more about the state of FTA TV in Aus than any of the bickering about who’s won what each week…

  2. My oh my, imagine if this time last year you’d suggested to someone the final of Masterchef 2018 would outrate the final of Ninja Warrior 2018…

  3. Goes to prove that if you make quality Australian TV, viewers will watch. Great night for Aussie TV last night. Ninja annoys me though, 11 minutes in before we see the first run and way too many backstories. By the Grand Final, we know everything there is to know about the ninjas. Used the PVR for this one, cut the whole episode down to 40 minutes.

    • Last night, I streamed ninja Gf live on 9now & sadly everyone failed in stage 2. i felt gutted why theres no winner for the 2nd time. I noticed that ninja warrior gf went for more than 90 mins.
      Ninja Warrior finished at 9:18pm, 8 minutes later than scheduled. Didnt stream Masterchef gf last night on tenplay (as I had a shower), but how many mins did the show overran by?

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