More Doctor Who leaks anger UK team

An image has surfaced on social media of the new console room in the Doctor Who TARDIS. The picture was taken on set in Cardiff, Wales, seemingly by a member of the production team.

Doctor Who production designer Arwel Jones, said on Twitter, “Just found out that there’s a leaked photo of the Tardis interior, that alone makes me livid! The fact that it’s a dreadful photo, taken by someone with no hint of artistry & unlit makes me absolutely effing incandescent with rage!”

Leaks are being taken very seriously under new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Recent leaks include a clip and images of Jodie Whittaker’s new Thirteenth Doctor in her very first episode.

BBC Studios has subpoenaed tech giant Microsoft in the US Federal Court for “all information that may identify the alleged infringer who posted infringing content”.

“The infringing material includes, without limitation, an unauthorised copy of copyrighted video content from Season 11, Episode 1 of Doctor Who, for which BBC Worldwide Limited t/a BBC Studios (Distribution) is the exclusive licensee,” the application says.

The series is due in coming months with Jodie Whittaker in the title role.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Radio Times


  1. Been impressed by how well Chris Chibnall and team have kept information on the new series under wraps to date. Just hope it is worth the wait. I have great faith in the casting side, but still have great doubts on the writing. Chibnall has never delivered a half decent story for the show and some utter howlers for Torchwood. Even with Broadchurch he only managed one ok series. The other two were shockingly badly written, even amateurish. But… fingers crossed he has gotten in some better writers than himself. Go Jodie!!

    • I loved Steven Moffatt’s stories before he took over as showrunner and I was pretty lukewarm after so I’m hoping the reverse will be true with Chibnall!!

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