Network execs meet to launch Media Pride

Network executives Michael Ebeid and Brian Walsh joined with industry creatives to launch a Media Pride initiative at The Beresford hotel in Sydney last night.

An initiative generated by the SBS Pride and Allies employee affinity group, it aims to focus on LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion in the Australian media.

The SBS and Foxtel execs were joined on stage by writer Bevan Lee (Seven Network), producer Darren Dale (Blackfella Films), ACMA board member Fiona Cameron and Tea Uglow from Google Creative Labs.

Michael Ebeid spoke about his personal experience, the significance of the recent marriage equality campaign and the importance of creating an inclusive and respectful culture for a diverse workforce, an area that he has personally championed at SBS.

The Feed presenters Patrick Abboud and Jan Fran were also panelists at the event held in partnership with Pride in Diversity and Screen Diversity Inclusion Network.

Chris Keely, Chair of the SBS Pride & Allies Committee said, “I’m thrilled that so many Australian media could join this important launch of Media Pride.

“Last year’s campaign for marriage equality propelled LGBTIQ+ diversity and inclusion to the forefront of the media conversation but what’s next?

“The answer is that there is no room for complacency. The work building diversity and inclusion for LGBTIQ+ communities has only just begun, and that there is still much work to be done, particularly for the marginalised.”

The key aims of Media Pride are:
· Focus on the unique responsibility of media in shaping community opinions of LGBTIQ+ individuals, communities, and their issues
· Highlight LGBTIQ+ media executives and talent, and their challenges and achievements
· Promote cultural change and diversity and inclusion for LGBTIQ+ Australians
· Send the message that all Australian media workspaces should provide an inclusive place of work which includes LGBTIQ+ communities, based on mutual respect, understanding and support of all LGBTIQ+ individuals

Media Pride was generously sponsored by PWC, L.E.K. and Deloitte, and attended by a broad range of Australian media including representatives from the production industry.

Anyone interested in attending future events can join the Media Pride Australia LinkedIn page.

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  1. This initiative is wonderful. Good on them for taking the lead. I hope you haven’t had to moderate any nasty comments from opponents of public broadcasters David.

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