Oops. ABC News South Australia… from Perth

“Hello, James McHale with ABC News South Australia….and due to technical difficulties we’re coming to you from Perth tonight.”

Don’t touch that dial, as they used to say.

WA presenter James McHale had not headed east, but instead came to the aid of South Australian viewers last night after tech trouble could not put the bulletin with Adelaide’s Emma Rebellato.


  1. The more complex systems are made the more likely they are to fail. May give a few ideas for the ABC “efficiency dividend”. Works for WIN, why not ABC. Maybe it was a trial run. Maybe.

  2. Such things happen on an occasional basis due to tech problems, industrial action etc-was puzzled last Saturday afternoon when the ABC News channel seemed to be chock full of minor Tasmanian news until I realised it was the local broadcast-some one retiring there?

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