Pilot Week: crunching the numbers

Kinne Tonight is the likely favourite to proceed to a series after a week of new shows.

Pilot Week has wrapped on TEN and now it’s a waiting game to hear if any will proceed to series.

Viewers had plenty of helpful feedback for the network experiment despite all shows at under 400,000 watching.

Frankly, the biggest challenge for TEN was in getting enough viewers to sample the shows at all.

Kinne Tonight pulled the highest in Overnight ratings and Bring Back… Saturday Night the lowest.

But context is important, because all things were not equal. Kinne Tonight also had the biggest audience lead-in on the network all week thanks to The Bachelor.

Bring Back Saturday Night and Disgrace! had the lowest lead-ins followed by Dave. All suffered hefty drops from their lead-in.

TEN has indicated it will take much into consideration: ratings, timeslots, lead-ins , social media reaction and Tenplay votes.

According to TV Tonight reader polling, Taboo and Kinne Tonight were most favourably received followed by Drunk History. It was a thumbs down for Skit Happens and Trial by Kyle.

Update: Each poll attracted over 1000 votes.

Based on this anecdotal evidence that would position Kinne Tonight as the front-runner for a full season.

Here are the results in order of Overnight ratings:

Kinne Tonight 378,000

Would you watch more of Kinne Tonight?

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Trial by Kyle 372,000

Would you watch more of Trial by Kyle?

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Drunk History 366,000

Would you watch more of Drunk History?

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Skit Happens 347,000

Would you watch more of Skit Happens?

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Taboo 277,000

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Dave 246,000

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Disgrace 227,000

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Bring Back… Saturday Night 203,000

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22 Responses

  1. I get the feeling that except for shows that were stinkers like Trial by Kyle and Skit Happens. They should probably order more. I quite liked Disgrace! but you could never judge the merits of the show without more episodes.

  2. For my two bobs worth, I only saw Kinne and Drunk History. My partner and I couldn’t stop laughing while watching Kinne and would love to see more. Drunk history didn’t work for me, but each to their own.

    1. Straight up I watched the first 3 pilots and then that craziness hapoened and my TV went to wall 2 wall news coverage so it was a rough week for it. I will make the effort to watch them all on tenplay this week though

  3. I’m yet to catch up with Dave and Saturday Night, otherwise only Taboo & Trial by Kyle were of no interest to me. I think Ten should be paying you a dime for all the publicity and awareness you have provided! So far I’m hoping Disgrace, Kinne Tonight & Drunk History gets the green light, although I would only go out of my way to watch Kinne Tonight of these three. I’ve read on another forum Ten are looking to commission 2 of the pilots, but I would hope they are flexible with their assessment, rather than only focusing on a fixed number. Dave & Disgrace seem like they are better suited alongside Rosehaven & Gruen on the ABC

  4. I watched all except the Skit one…did not care for Kyle….and yes…thank you TEN…for offering options to reality TV….And thank you David Knox for all the work you put in to keep us informed.

  5. I watched all Pilots except for Saturday Night (just haven’t had a chance to catch up on Tenplay). Based on that I’m hoping Taboo and/or Kinne Tonight be greenlit for full seasons.

  6. They got the order of the shows wrong, picked the worst one to launch.

    Off those numbers, I doubt it will be back next year. CBS Will be issuing a big ‘Please explain’

    1. Agreed on the order of shows. I was determined to give all pilots a viewing but was admittedly put off by Skit Happens being the first to air and seriously wondered if the rest were going to be as dismal.
      Thankfully, I stuck around and had some pleasant surprises.

  7. Really hope they give Taboo and Drunk History a go. I think Saturday Night could do really well as well with the right promotio. Enjoyed Dave as well, but don’t really see it fitting in on ten. Maybe ABC could give it a shot.

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