Pilot Week vote: Would you watch more of Disgrace?

The second show for your consideration in Pilot Week on TEN is Disgrace, hosted by Sam Dastyari and produced by CJZ.

In keeping with the opinions flowing freely on air, you can let TEN execs know if this is a winner or no

It is easy to become the most hated person in the country, but how does someone come back from a simple slip of the tongue, or taking some honest cash from a foreign government? Just ask Sam Dasyari – he is living it. Now he wants to share his insights with the nation.

Hosted by shunned politician Sam Dastyari and a panel of experts, Disgrace! will delve into the latest scandals and dissect how the professionals manage the outrage through opinions, insight and laughs.

Would you watch more of Disgrace?

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  1. I saw the “Encore” (ie: repeat) last night for the first time. I was quite impressed actually. I thought for a first show it was quite good. Sam was a much better host than I thought, yes, they need a few ep’s to “settle in” but I stuck with it and chuckled. I’d probably watch this if it went to series.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I loved it… I like Sam …the panel was good…and Natarsha’s piece was great…1/2 hour works well…for me….also ‘disgracing’ the audience member…was a good laugh…..I actually laughed a lot throughout…I just watched it again on Tenplay…even better 2nd time around…. 😀

  3. I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting to hear directly from Pete about what happens after a “disgrace”. If they manage to assemble an interesting panel each week with people openly talking about their disgrace, it could be a good series. The news break with Natasha Exelby doesn’t need to be a gag-fest. We get the bit. She just needs to deliver a quick rundown of international disgraces from the past week. No need to play it up for “laughs”.

  4. Caught the repeat tonight. Feels like a CJZ show~which is a good thing.
    Becky Lucas would be a wise permanent addition to this show – she was insightful and, coupled with her gerneral not-giving-af attitude, is a positive counter to Sam.
    Definitely not a Sunday night show though. Tuesday or Thursday 9:30/10. Probably won’t rate amazingly but will gain a consistent following. It seems cheap to produce, and if every so often it pulled a big guest it would also pull some decent headlines to keep consistent numbers.
    Looking at synergy, surely this show would consistently produce some quotes TenDaily could use as a lede for viral articles.

  5. as soon as he made a joke making fun of people’s gender identity i was out – a lot of people have very hard lives for him to make an easy and unfunny joke about someone identifying as a stick

  6. Enjoyed it. 30min duration best fit. Sam was good, although he looked better (cheekier & younger/hip) with the beard. Wasn’t sure about the casting for first half, but warmed as it progressed. Couldn’t see the point of the young female comedian being on Sam’s left – think it would make more sense to have her with the other 3 panelists – but I did like her. Topics were good. Music & graphics modern & relevant & pacey. Gag with the audience member was lame & looked set up. Not bad for a first effort – 100% better than the Skit Happens – which was it’s own disgrace!!!

  7. Unfortunately I was put off by the abomination that was Skit Happens and didn’t hang around. I understand I should judge each show on their own merits as a single entity each, but geez… I actually forgot to switch back on after I turned that other show off half way through.

  8. Could use a bit of a polish but showed a lot of promise. Will live or die by its guests. Was great to see Becky Lucas. Seems a little too ABC for Network Ten though.

  9. I’d definitely watch this on a regular basis. Really enjoy the gimmick of guests that have attracted their own disgrace in the past. The Natasha Exelby news stuff was excellent, she absolutely needs to feature on a weekly basis if the show gets picked up.

  10. I liked it, but would I watch it every week?
    Probably not. It’s the type of show that could get boring very quickly if not done properly.

    If they do go ahead, some advice…They need to find a time slot that will be the exact same time every episode, not 8 one week, 8.15 the next.

  11. I was actually surprised with this, really enjoyed it. Sam was a good host.

    Just a few tweaks :
    1. Sam is the host, he should be in the middle with 2 guests on either side.
    2. I noticed a few times as Pete was talking, you could see sam looking at him and then looking to the camera constantly.
    3. Should be an 1 hr duration
    4. If it does come back get different guests as well each week.

    • I agree with a lot of what you said except for the need for it to be an hour. I liked that it was only a half hour. It wasn’t boring whereas perhaps it would feel dragged out over an hour.

  12. Not a bad show, but all of these scandals/disgraces have been dissected already by other panels such as The Project, Studio 10, Kochies Angels etc, and the 24 hour news cycle in general.

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