Report: Zumbo company in administration

The company of celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo has been placed in voluntary administration, according to a report.

Fairfax’s Good Food reported that administrators held a creditors meeting with Zumbo in Sydney on Wednesday.

“Attendees at the meeting – who included a smattering of landlords and trade creditors – were told debts could reach as high as $10 million,” Good Food said. “But that could be offset by assets, including equipment and company-owned property, to the tune of $8 million.”

The administrators confirmed that Zumbo stores will remain open and continue to trade.

In May 5 employees told A Current Affair they were owed thousands of dollars in  unpaid overtime and superannuation,

Zumbo, who has fronted series for Seven and SBS, and appeared this week on MasterChef, will next judge for an upcoming Netflix series.

Source: SBS


  1. Sugar Rush with Zumbo as a judge is already on Netflix. The format is baaaaaaaad…. They have cooks already baking for the second round when they notify them they’ve lost the first round and to stop baking. It’s unnecessarily mean.

  2. Zumbo clearly should have stuck with Masterchef. If he was the go-to dessert guy over the years he would have ensured coverage and exposure. Plus, he was fine as a contributor, but horrid as a host (Just Desserts).

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