Returning: Alone Together

US comedy Alone Together returns to Comedy next week.

The series centres around two platonic friends who try and help with each other’s love lives in Los Angeles.

Guests in S2 include Fran Drescher (Ep 8) & Carmen Electra.

This has just aired in the US.

Alone Together is a comedy series about two socially awkward, self-conscious, self-centered misfits who strike up a platonic friendship in order to navigate life in vain and status-obsessed Los Angeles. In the new season, their odd friendship continues to baffle everyone around them as they struggle to find their place in L.A., juggling odd jobs, their love lives and aspirations of social status. The series will feature guest stars like: Fran Drescher, Carmen Electra, Natasha Leggero, Hana Mae Lee, Danny Pudi, Abby Elliott and Nicole Sullivan.

Thursdays from August 16 at 8.30pm on Comedy.

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