Returning: Chicago Fire

Season 6 of Chicago Fire is back on Seven from next Tuesday night.

There are 23 episodes this season, which first aired in the US last September and on FOX8 in October.

“It Wasn’t Enough”
Mouch returns to the firehouse with a new lease on life; Boden learns a fire at his wife’s school wasn’t an accident; Dawson and Casey reconnect; and Kidd turns to Severide after being evicted.

10:45pm Tuesday on Seven.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Does anyone know of any streaming service where I can watch Chicago Fire? I taped last seasons season finale but then I moved house & my machine packed it in before I could watch it. I tried netflix & 7plus bit it’s not on them. I would have thought stupid ch 7 had all their shows on 7plus but apparently not. Don’t know what the point of it is then.

  2. Really love this franchise, but where on Earth is season 3 of Chicago Med, I’m looking at you, Channel 9, I can’t even buy it in Australia!

    • All of season 3 currently available on Hulu. Some basic technical knowledge and a simple google search will get you going. We lost faith in FTA/Foxtel for US content years ago and have been using Hulu ever since for a lot of US content.

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