SBS experiments with Wednesday programming

SBS has been experimenting with some programming moves of late… so how is it faring?

Local drama Dead Lucky in a 9:30 slot instead of the traditional 8:30 slot last night struggled with 161,000 viewers in last place. It debuted two weeks ago at 234,000 but is enjoying around a 50% improvement in Timeshifted numbers.

Food Safari Water, which would normally screen on a foodie Thursday, drew 170,000, copping a big drop from its Great British Railway Journeys lead-in of 259,000. Returning 6pm food show The Chef’s Line was 55,000, the same number as Monday, faring slightly better on Tuesday at 70,000.

Meanwhile The Block won its slot and demos on 920,000 ahead of Anh’s Brush with Fame,  Highway Patrol and Australian Survivor.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering hit the front once Nine’s reno show ended with 585,000 while 9-1-1 took over thereafter on 557,000.

Nine network won Wednesday with 30.2% then Seven 27.9%, TEN 17.2%, ABC 17.1% and SBS 7.5%.

Nine News (975,000 / 944,000) was best for Nine followed by The Block (920,000), A Current Affair (843,000), Hot Seat (509,000 / 320,000) and Britain’s Got Talent (370,000).

Seven News was #1 for Seven with 993,000 / 967,000 then Home and Away (628,000), Highway Patrol (622,000 / 578,000), The Chase (607,000 / 366,000), 9-1-1 (557,000) and Criminal Minds (327,000).

Australian Survivor (620,000) led for TEN then The Project (475,000 / 271,000), TEN Eyewitness News (388,000), Instinct (267,000), Pointless (232,000) and Madam Secretary (116,000).

ABC News (716,000), Anh’s Brush with Fame (662,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (585,000), 7:30 (522,000), You Can’t Ask That (352,000), Think Tank (236,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (227,000).

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (259,000), Mont Saint-Michel Scanning the Wonder (215,000), Food Safari Water (170,000), Dead Lucky (161,000) and SBS World News (112,000). The Chef’s Line was just 55,000.

Noddy Toyland Detective scouted out top multichannel home on ABC KIDS at 180,000.

Sunrise: 270,000
Today: 212,000
News Breakfast: 108,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 8 July 2018.


  1. What is SBS doing with its programming? Dead Lucky at 9.30pm??. Australian drama ought to be supported by the network that commissioned it. I don’t know the producers but I know they are a new production company. I also know they sold the show to the US ( before SBS screened it). That is a coup for any new producer. What does SBS do to promote it ?. Bury it at 9.30pm. Who makes these decisions and why ?. I am sure there is a spreadsheet somewhere they can whip out to justify the decision ( yawn!)

  2. What the hell is the point of SBS shoving a cooking show on the general channel-they have a specific channel for food porn 24/7-look at the figures-a huge drop after the trains and then a large lift for the archaeological doc after-little interest. same for the 6.00pm show-and most of their dramas are after 10.30pm these days

  3. I have watched Anh Do’s brush with fame the past couple of weeks and quite enjoyed it. Good quality conversation both with Adam Goodes and Carrie Bickmore.

  4. thedirtydigger

    The Chef’s Line at 55,000 viewers nationally .
    I think SBS should tell us why this show was renewed after a lack lustre first series.
    Exactly how much is it costing Australians to support these 55,000 viewers ?
    I reckon it’s about $2 a viewer.
    What a waste.

  5. You Can’t Ask That was disappointing. It failed to ask the big question we’ve always wanted to have answered: Do you own a pair of leather trousers?

      • Maybe he was thinking about expanding his circle of, ahem, acquaintances through the medium of TV.

        By the way, I used to work with a couple who enjoyed that particular lifestyle. They had a card they used to give out to everyone they met. It just had on it ‘Willing To Travel’ and their phone number.

  6. I loved everything on ABC last night, from 7.30 Report through to You Can’t Ask That (omg !!) Was surprised by the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, felt a bit of tokenism at play, given the act Lost Voice Guy really wasn’t very funny in my opinion.

    • Well the Lost Voice Guy has been very successful here at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and since he has won gone down well wherever he been

  7. Why do Ten persist with Madam Secretary, even late night? Nobody here has been interested, clearly. So obvious to me their deal with their distributor must state something along the lines of it can’t just be taken off?

    Also, the headlines yesterday seem very true, with Sunrise gobbling up Today.

    • I’ve always enjoyed MS when I have seen it, which admittedly is a while now. Essentially it is part of their output deal and is in lower-profile slot. As a drama you would need to factor in Timeshifted numbers.

    • seantheaussie

      Here, and very interested. It would easily be in the top half of the shows I watch in terms of quality and sheer enjoyment.

      TEN have simply buggered it up.

    • Madam Secretary has been on late on Wed. night for years. It’s budget has been cut and the writing has gotten very silly and predictable this season. But they you get an episode like “The Things We Get to Say” that’s as good as anything on network TV these days. CBS own it can show it late at night so people can watch it and get a bit of revenue, or they can not air it and get nothing. Surely it’s better that people get a chance to watch it.

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